Over 40 Years of Automotive Manufacturing Experience

Over 40 Years of Automotive Manufacturing Experience

Dynaress was established with years of experience and knowledge in the automotive industry, adopts an innovative design and production approach, and operates in the field of production/assembly and testing machines. The deep experiences we have gained by using our own self-developed assembly machines in the production and testing processes in the automotive field are now available to you, our valued customers. The knowledge and skills we acquire in this process enable us to better understand customer needs and create excellent products.

Our mission is to produce customer-friendly machines that are customizable, modular, and feature easy maintenance and repair. We shape the development of the machines we use in our own production processes according to the unique needs of our customers. In this way, we establish strong business partnerships beyond customer and supplier relationships.

Our main aim is to produce machines that offer convenience and meet the specific requirements of each customer. By concentrating our R&D efforts in this direction, we further strengthen our leading position in the sector. Innovation and continuous development form the basis of our activities. As Dynaress, customer satisfaction, quality and ethical values ​​are always our priority.

Our vision for the future is to be a pioneer of innovations in the sector and to sustain technological renewal. Our goal is to fly higher every day and continue to add value to our customers, partners and community.

Our mission is to understand the customer's language and provide solutions tailored to their needs

As Dynaress, we combine our passion for R&D and innovation to meet our customers’ expectations and always move forward. In addition to proving our expertise in the sector, we constantly develop innovative approaches to provide solutions that meet needs and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Expert Team in Machine Design and Automation

High-Level Engineering Solutions

Modular Approach

Passion for Digitalization and R&D

Our Values

In this age where technological innovations are rapidly advancing, our company constantly follows the latest technologies and implements them in order to maintain its leadership in the sector. This puts us one step ahead of our competitors and allows us to provide the best service to our customers.
Creativity and originality are the core values ​​of our team. Each of us is committed to developing unique and innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. Going beyond being a technology company, we take our collaborations to the next level every day as a solution partner of our customers.


At our core, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction, ensuring they feel valued and deeply committed to their projects. Building meaningful connections, we treat every customer like a friend, going the extra mile to ensure successful results and delivering top-quality sheet metal and fabrication solutions.

Generations of Excellence

In the past 50 years, Fabrik has transformed from a sourcing company into a contract manufacturing leader. Our success thrives on building trustful relationships with clients and suppliers, achieved through global expansion and service enhancement. Looking ahead, we are dedicated to upholding our tradition of innovation and delivering unparalleled manufacturing experiences for our clients for the next fifty years and beyond.

“For over 120 years, we have been at the forefront of steel industry innovation. Today, our dedication lies in spearheading the path to a sustainable future for steel and steel manufacturing. Together, we forge a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.”

Luke Stevenson

CEO of Fabrik